Vista Removal Service

     UPDATE: With the release of Windows 7, A&D's Vista Removal Service is no longer a worthwhile option for the majority of our customers. With Windows 7, Microsoft has addressed the mulitude of customer complaints of Windows Vista, and has added some very nice features that make for a nice upgrade over Windows XP.

     For these reasons, A&D Staff now recommends that Windows Vista users that are unhappy with their current operating system consider upgrading to Windows 7, rather than reverting back to Windows XP. Customers purchasing a new computer are advised to have Windows 7 installed, rather than XP or Vista. Windows XP has been completely discontinued by Microsoft, and is no longer offered through the distribution channel.

     Microsoft listened to customer complaints about Windows Vista, addressed the vast majority of them, and has now released a worthy successor to Windows XP. A&D is looking forward to introducing Windows 7 to our valued customers.

Note: The following information is no longer valid for the vast majority of our customers.

     Vista Removal Service: This service is offered as a way to give customers a choice in the operating system that they want. It is primarily for systems not purchased at A&D, as all of our systems are offered with the choice of Windows XP, Vista, or without an O/S (so that the customer may install his/her own.)

     Big-box stores, however, have decided to force customers up to Microsoft's latest OS, Windows Vista, whether they like it or not. Only a few, select, "business" class systems can be found with the option of XP as an operating system.

     A&D Computer has decided to gives these customers the choice of sticking with the mature operating system of Windows XP. If you are a customer forced into Vista and believed that you had no choice, A&D staff can evaluate your computer to see if it is XP compatible, backup any requested files, and revert back to Windows XP from Vista. Our staff can also explain the pros and cons of going back to XP (of which cons there are very little.)

     The staff at A&D would like to thank Todd Bishop of, journalist of a widely read blog covering Microsoft related events. Mr. Bishop recently wrote an article about A&D Computer, after reader Bruce Finlayson sent a photo of A&D's signage advertising our Vista removal service. His blog can be found at